2017 Conference - Intellectually Disabled People in Asia
Speakers Line-up:


Digital Inclusion of Intellectually Disabled:
The Role of ICT

UNESCO IITE Programme Specialist

In line with UNESCO`s shared vision IITE aims to promote equal access to education and inclusion of the most vulnerable segments of society by means of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). In order to reduce the extensive gap that exists in access to, and the use of, digital technologies by people with disabilities policy changes have to take place. Social inequalities can be resolved by through ICTs that grant vulnerable groups and individuals access to political, economic, scientific and cultural activities of the society. IITE has strived to improve the access and quality of education for disabled persons by support of ICTs since 1999.


Sport in the Lives of Young People with Intellectual Disabilities - Negotiating Disability, Identity and Belonging

Senior Lecturer at University of Sydney

Whilst there is now a growing body of sociological research on the role of sport in the social, gender and identity rehabilitation of people with physical impairments, research on the role of sport in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities primarily focuses on improving fitness, health and social interactions. Yet sport is not only a form of physical exercise, competition or leisure—it is also a powerful social institution within which social structures and power relations are reproduced and, less frequently, challenged. This presentation provides insights into the role of sport and physical activity in the lives of four young Australians with intellectual disabilities or cognitive limitations from their own perspectives.




Speaker: Grant R. Bowie,
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director,
MGM China Holdings Limited

What are the challenges in order to employ people with intellectual disabilities, progress on current employees with intellectual disabilities as well as future targets in enhancing the inclusion process?
Social inclusion in the workplace contributes to an environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to the organization’s success.


My Abilities – The Story of a Special Champion

Speaker: Emmanuel Bishop
International Self-Advocate Speaker

Emmanuel’s self-advocate presentation is targeted to parents and professionals to raise hope and awareness of the abilities in persons with Down's syndrome.
How easy can you gather information on the career of an Olympic or a Formula One champion on the Internet? In contrast to gather information about a Special Olympics champion who has won several medals at the Special Olympics World Games might be a bit more challenging. In order to overcome this difficulty, a real-life story will be provided and therefore enhance and challenge the audience’s knowledge about the life with an intellectual disability.


Focus On Strengths, Not Weaknesses

Speaker: Niels Schulz & Christian Koehr,
M.Sc. Sports Management, University of Bayreuth

The overall and greatest aim for a golf player is undoubtedly to achieve a zero handicap. Looking at the world of Special Olympics we are facing the same aim: to display that people with intellectual disabilities are not weak or incapable of achieving great things and to show through interaction that their disability is actually not a handicap to achieve outstanding performances in their favourite activities. Additionally these two worlds are not only sharing a common aim, but furthermore the golf is a perfectly suitable tool to portray the capabilities of people with intellectual disabilities. The potential of golf will be illustrated in this presentation and examined from several perspectives such as psychological and motivation positions.


Thriving For The Impossible

Speaker: Dan R. Kruger,
Businessman & Professional Motorcycle Racer

In this presentation Dan will focus on his life story, his successes and setback and most importantly the things that changed him to become a better human: the love of this family, the trust of true friends and the involvement with people with intellectual disabilities.
Dan’s words resonate with the truth of the genuine achiever: “I’m ready to take everything I’ve learned and accomplished up until now and re-invest it in others. This latest goal is to make a difference in other people’s lives through sharing my story and what gives me strength and perseverance."


Social Network Platform for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Speaker: Stefan Kuehn,
Businessman & Event Director

Communication has sadly always been a major problem of people with intellectual disabilities. It is hard for them to connect with other people and find new friends or stay in touch with those friends made at national and international competitions. Some even feel completely isolated and excluded from society. It can be quite a challenge to get out of this lonely stage without support or help from the outside.
Social networking has become a great movement within the last few years. It is growing fast and brings people all around the world together. Considering these two situations our project plans to build an online community not only for people with intellectual disabilities but also for their families, friends, volunteer and all others, who would like to be a part of that community.