TDM Coverage on the Conference - Inclusive Education, Sports and Social Media 2018 at MGM Cotai

The conference target and subject is to enable children and adults with an intellectual disability to develop their innate skills and self-esteem in an environment which is inclusive and supportive. The key word here is “enable”. We don’t try to fit square pegs into round holes. We just believe that everyone has an ability, a different ability and there is an extraordinary range of opportunities to show these. We invite the world to come to Macau, sharing ideas, concepts and developing further “abilities” in order to create a more “INCLUSIVE WORLD”.


Fortunately, local schools and universities expressed their interest and support for joining and even hosting the conference. Workshops were set up by the students, also taking responsibility towards people with intellectual disabilities. The partnerships with educational institutes serve as an example of efforts made regarding inclusive education meeting our ideas. Besides proclaiming the policy that every student is given the appropriate support academically, emotionally and socially to become the best that they can be, TIS provides a hub for every individual who requires focused and targeted intervention. In addition, they established an Inclusion Academy at their school leading the students to work creatively and collaboratively in different fields with people who have a disability.


Sport teaches essential values and skills including self-confidence, teamwork, communication, inclusion,
education, respect and fair play neither requiring the necessity of speaking a certain language nor demanding characteristics such as skin colour or intellectual ability to perform it. Sport is just about connecting people disregarding any differing appearance or mindset. Combining the best of golf, education, interaction and exchange, friendship and entertainment, the Macau Golf Masters for people with disabilities swings into its seventh edition.


Social Media can allow students to access a variety of knowledgeable peers, parents, community members, children's literature authors, academics and other people who might not otherwise be available. But how does Social Media really work behind the curtains – where are the opportunities and where are the dangers? We want to highlight the chances and threats of Social Media usage in the life of the intellectually disabled. Accessibility and concepts of networking for people with an intellectual disability will be on the schedule. We will show and discuss different ideas on how can we connect societies.

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TDM Coverage on the Conference - Intellectually Disabled People in Asia in MGM